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Keylargo is an area I use to display projects I'm working on or playing with. It's here because I wanted to be able to share my experiences in a way that might be useful to others.


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Sun Dec 03 23:53:08 2000
Put up a link on the TiK page for an unofficial pre-release of the next version of TiK. Barring any catastrophic bugs or last minute features, this cvs snapshot should hopefully be the final release version.
Fri Dec 01 19:19:25 2000
Decided to update the LRP page with some links. Eventually I'll get around to doing more, but I can tell it'll be awhile. I've got too many things TiK related that I want to get done first.
Fri Dec 01 19:00:33 2000
Updated the TiK page again to reflect the new download area for the plugins. Also released version 1.3 of the console plugin. Over at the main TiK site we've been workin' pretty hard and should have the next version of TiK available with in the next couple of days. (I'm hoping for either tonight or tomorrow, but we'll see.)
Fri Nov 24 08:22:55 2000
TiK page is updated, and the first completely official release of tikae (tikae-0.88.1) is available from the file area of the main development site. If you're a TiK developer, or an experienced TiK user, go give it a try. Otherwise, I recommend that you head over to the main TiK Instant Messenger Project first and find out what it's all about.
Wed Nov 22 07:13:00 2000
Well, I decided to put out a release for tikae, but is down right now. When the server comes back up I'll update the file module and see about getting the TiK page updated. Unlike the CVS tree, the release is going to contain the media files. For those interested in using the cvs tree, you can either copy over the media directory that comes with the standard TiK release, or download the media archive I'll be posting at the same time as the tikae release. I'm going to try and get this done today if I can, but with me being in the US and tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I've got a lot of family stuff to do. If I can't get to this today, I probably won't get back to it until this weekend.
Fri Nov 17 03:24:00 2000
The TiK page was updated with links to the main TiK site, the packages and plugins site, my current cvs, and two plugins I've developed. One of these days I have to get around to prettifying this site.

I'm having a bit of a problem getting LRP and PPPoE to play nice together on a 486dx2. I've been messing with some of the contributed EigerStein2BETA dummy images at Charles Steinkuehler's LRP Website but I'm getting a funny feeling that I'll have to build my own. Either way, once that's done I'll get started on the LRP section of the site.
Sun Nov 05 05:10:00 2000
I'm still workin' on the page designs for the site. I hope to have a release version of tikae available soon as well as some info up for TiK Instant Messenger.
Sat Oct 28 23:30:00 2000
Well, here's the initial setup of Keylargo. Still need to setup CVS and the project files for the TiK directory.

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