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TiK Instant Messenger Official Site.

TiK Packages and Plugins Site.

My current cvs.

For those that are too anxious to wait for the next release of TiK, the current (unofficial) pre-release is available for download. It's the current CVS (5/01/2001). If you encounter any bugs, let us know over at the main TiK development site so that we can get them fixed before release. Older versions are also available.

You can also pick up the latest TiK CVS at JDLSpeedy's, although he's asked that I mention that there is a chance that the site could be down from time to time.

Bugs, comments, suggestions and more about the code on this page can be found at the main Keylargo development site.

tikae is my development version of TiK. It's based off of TiK 0.87 (local and main site) with most of the TiK 0.89 and current cvs changes merged in minus the GUI preferences/installation and the balloonhelp.

The main reason for this project, and subsequent releases, is to have a method for other developers on the TiK project to easily see what I'm working on before it gets committed into the main cvs tree. However, some of the changes are geared so that tikae can be distinguishable from TiK. None of these changes are intended for TiK. They were done out of personal preference and to help give tikae a sense of self.

If you decide to try out the tikae CVS tree, you have to either copy over the media dir from another TiK release or download the media archive (tgz or zip) and extract the contents into the main tikae directory.

The following plugins are designed to be useful not only in function, but as style guides as well. Each one still needs work in both respects, but should be beefed up in the near future so keep checking back here and at the main development site for updates.

Note: The cvs repository for these plugins is at the Tikpkgs Development Site, and not the main Keylargo development site.

console.tcl is a plugin for TiK that adds a menu option under Packages to show the wish console. I got tired of having to restart TiK just because I happened to need access to the console. (Now supports Unix as well as Windows and Macs.) You can also browse the CVS.

snacksnd.tcl is a plugin for TiK that replaces the default sound system with one that uses the tcl extension Snack. I've noticed some bugs with wish crashing under Windows, but they appear to only happen if the snacksnd.tcl file is edited while TiK is running. If anyone encounters problems not related to this, let me know. You can also browse the CVS.

Should have more info up soon.

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